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We're back! Finally! Thanks for being patient and we have missed you all! This time around, we break down the Royal Rumble for 2018! The spills! The chills! The... well, there aren't any chills, really, but it was fun!


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Good golly, it's the Great Balls of Fire event! The crew tries out a different format and will likely go back to the old format again, but we had a lot of!

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Or just, you know, 'Rules.'

It's good to be back, folks!


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Warning! We had some unusual circumstances happening when we recorded this, so it's a little different. If you want to listen to it while watching WWE Payback 2017, you can hit play on the PPV at the middle of the sound that was dropped in and it will sync up. Otherwise, it's a long one for your listening enjoyment. Also, we're sans Mike, which sucks, but I think we held it together okay! Finally, there is some explicit in here, which is unusual, just so you know.


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We're back to celebrate Wrestling Christmas with Wrestlemania 33! The whole team hasn't missed a beat as we break down the big show, 'The Ultimate Thrill Ride!'

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Despite a minor electrical fire, the crew manages to put together an in-depth review of Royal Rumble!

Music: Burn River Burn.


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The crew breaks down the last two Megacards of the year in the manner to which you may have become accustomed.



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Fantasy warfare become real! And, you know, kind of boring. Special guest Jamie joins us as we break down the first big Megacard for both brands.

NOTE: There are some technical difficulties (technically, Jesse's a dope, really) for the first half, so bare with it because you folks are amazing!


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Back together once more for the second anniversary show! The crew break down the last two Supercards and the WWE, in general. Plus, getting ready for Survivor Series!





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Despite being short our Wrestling Nostradamus, Jesse, Mike, and Kristen break down two (count 'em!), two supercards with Smackdown Live's Backlash and Monday Night Raw's Clash of Champions! Plus: What's the consensus on the brand split, thus far? Find out here!



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The gang are visiting Jamie and are coming at you from his back yard as we break down the brand split and Summerslam!


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Aaaand Part 2! We break down the breakdown of Battleground!



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Special two-episode extravaganza! We talk all the goings-on that happened since Money in the Bank and decided to tear this sucker into two parts, so enjoy!


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EVERYONE IS BACK!!! We watched MITB and, well, just check this one out. It may be our best episode, all year!



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We're back! We break down Payback and Extreme Rules and the million bits of critical news that have happened since Wrestlemania.


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Mini-Episode/Heartfelt Apology

Kristen and Jesse are traveling, so we were unable to do a full episode on Payback. Here's a little something to hold you over until next week when we break down Payback and, as an added bonus, the week in wrestling post-Payback. Thanks for listening and we'll hit you back with an extra-special pod real soon!


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WARNING: Some harsh language... we just couldn't help ourselves.

Welcome to the end of Wrestlemania Weekend, Ham and Eggers! Mike, Ryan, Kristen, and Jesse do their best to break it all down and tear into the great (and not-so-great) moments of the last three days!

And it was a doozy! Tired and somewhat annoyed, we couldn't hold back the language, so this one is definitely not PG-13. If you guys want one for the kiddies, let us know on Twitter and we'll get that out to you by the end of the week.


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Okay, ham and eggers, this is a big one!

We break down Roadblock!

We induct the second class of the RTR Hall of Fame!

And we go over the Wrestlemania card!

(We recorded this two weeks before 'Mania, so some stuff will be off, but it's all good stuff!)


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I'm not gonna lie, this one was a little rough, but the crew made it through. Listen to the ups and, well, the downs.


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We watched the Royal Rumble and you should too! We break down the Rumble and the matches that led up to it. Plus, we say goodbye to one of the greatest enhancement talents of all time, and break down Tough Enough winner Josh's comment about 'jobbers' on social media. So, clearly, we are all about the red-trunker news here on @RedTrunkerRadio!

Also, because we mention it, here and there, and it seems especially apt:

Max Landis' Wrestling Isn't Wrestling

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The Year in Review, Part 2

Part 2 of the Year in Review as we break down the rest of the best of 2015! Plus: what IS a supercard? Well, you won't have to wait long to find out.

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Jesse, Ryan, Mike and Kristen had a great year and we're talking about one of the best parts of it: wrestling!!! We break down the year for the WWE and discuss some of the high points, as well as a little bit of discussion on how the company ended 2015.

It's so big, we needed a sequel!

Look forward to the second part dropping soon!


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Tables, Ladders, and Chairs

The crew celebrates the final event formerly known as a Pay-Per View of the year and speculate on the disputed future of the WWE. Bonus, we have a new follower on Twitter!


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Survivor Series

The Red-Truckers are back to bring you another exciting episode of RTR talking about WWE's latest 'powercard' show, Survivor Series 2015. The sole survivor this year? Mediocrity! The best thing about it may actually be this podcast!


Check us out on Twitter! @redtrunkerradio

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Hell in the Cell

HITC is here and the crew from RTR dissects it with their usual skill as they celebrate ONE YEAR of Red-Trunker! Enjoy and check out: Cat Clay!

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Once more, the RTR crew tears down the latest WWE event, opening with a song! Night of Champions has come and gone, but will the impact last forever? Probably not. But for a while.

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Super-special guest Jamie joins the crew, returning from a techniclal-difficulty induced hiatus! We talk SummerSlam and the loss of two greats, as well as a general conversation about the modern WWE!

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The RTR crew gets together after watching Money in the Bank and discusses what was worth big bucks, and what was a bust. They also reminisce about 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes, talk about Rattlesnake/Beast Incarnate at Wrestlemania, and come up with a new identity for Antonio Cesaro with Tyson out for a bit.

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The Red-Trunker crew breaks down the two 'Subscriber Casts' from NXT and WWE. There's a bunch of marking for Kevin Owens, Becky Lynch, and Dean Ambrose!

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Payback 2015!

The usual crew breaks down the Payback PPV and talks King of the Ring and Daniel Bryan! Plus, the introduction of a brand new finisher for Seth Rollins!!!

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Extreme Rules

The RTR crew breaks down post-Wrestlemania and the Extreme Rules PPV! Jesse gleefully gets everything wrong!

Red-Trunker Radio is a podcast that will feature talking about professional wrestling matches on Extreme Rules pay-per-view that involve wrestlers from pre-existing scripted feuds, plots, and storylines that play out on WWE's primary television programs, Raw and SmackDown. Podcasters will portray heroes or villains as they follow a series of events that build tension and culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches.

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Wrestlemania 31!!!

Kristen is back as the whole crew breaks down our thoughts on the Wrestlemania that was! Special thanks to Diamond Dallas Page who is totally one of Jesse's favorite wrestlers of all time and the butt of a joke that occurred while Jesse was punchy from podcasting all day.

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Pre-Wrestlemania Spectacular (Jesstlemania I)!

If you're stuck, unable to watch the big show, this one is there for you! Jesse, Ryan, and Mike talk about Max Landis' 'Wresling Isn't Wrestling,' go over the WWE Hall of Fame celebration, induct our very own Red Trunker Radio Hall of Fame (!), and, of course, talk about the Showcase of the Immortals in this extra-long spectacle!

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The crew; the whole crew; talks down to Fastlane which may or may not have been as bad as they make it seem. Also, what's going to happen at Wrestlemania? Well, check it out here because we seem to be writing the script for WWE, these days!

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Jesse and Kristen welcome RTR guest and 'rasslin' newbie Chelsea as we talk about watching the NXT Rival event!

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The boys and "Pod Lesnar" Kristen Amann, along with special studio guest Shawn Dunn, talk about the Royal Rumble: the ups, the downs, the pop, and the heat!

Check us out on Twitter @RedTrunkerRadio!

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A little bit late, we finally talk about our favorite guys in the history of the wrestling industry! Enjoy!

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Year in Review, Part 1

Episode 4 - The boys chat about what was great and what was less-than-great in the year that was 2014!

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Episode 3 - With guest commentator Kristen, the guys chat about TLC(S) and make some mention of NXT and what is coming for the future of wrestling!

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Survivor Series

Episode 2 - The boys talk about all the amazing stuff that happened at Survivor Series 2014!

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Episode 1 - Jesse, Mike, and Ryan sit down and discuss Hell in a Cell 2014, the state of the WWE, and what they want to see coming down the line in this first podcast from Red-Trunker Radio!

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